Are There Any Specialties Of Super Beta Prostate?

tasosbpSuper beta prostate is a typical supplement of prostate gland problems. It contains a lot of things and it is hundred percent natural. All the ingredients of it are vital. It also contains cancer busting Vitamin D. This is one of the specialties of this supplement. It contains Bite sitosterol, which is an extract of a plant. It helps in urinary flow. Super beta prostate reviews indicate that most of the prostate patient wants this urinary flow to perfection and therefore it is also a specialty of super beta. It is better than saw palmetto in many ways. In Super beta prostate we can get Zinc, silicon etc which are vital for immune system of human body. Besides here we can get antioxidants like copper & selenium. If anyone wants to empty his bladder he can take super beta prostate. Again to sleep well in the night and to ensure better prostate function Super beta prostate has no alternatives. One other ingredient is Manganese. Elements like Boron, iodine, vanadium, chromium are also in it whose are very important for prostate heath. Moreover germanium works for urinary movement. Super beta prostate reviews indicate that anyone can buy this to get a healthy life.

Why Natural Supplements Are Usually Suggested

For prostate patients natural supplements are always encouraged as natural herb products has lesser addition effects on human body and urinary system. Probably this is why supplement like super beta is very popular to the sufferers and often seen doctors advising this to their patients.
Super beta prostate is a typical supplement of prostate gland problems. It contains a lot of things and it is hundred percent natural. All the ingredients of it are vital. It also contains cancer busting Vitamin D. It contains Beta sitosterol, which is an extract of a plant. It helps in urinary flow. It is better than saw palmetto in many ways. In Super beta prostate we can get Zinc, silicon etc which are vital for immune system of human body. Besides here we can get antioxidants like copper & selenium. One other ingredient is Manganese. Elements like Boron, iodine, vanadium, chromium are also in it whose are very important for prostate heath. Moreover germanium works for urinary movement. Super beta prostate reviews indicate that anyone can buy this to get a healthy life. Super beta prostate reviews tell us many people love it as they can make their bladder empty taking this which all prostate patient wishes.

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Hiring a Reliable Repair Service Center

Data stored in your laptop is generally considered private and not for everyone to see and use. It is only up to your discretion who can see it and who could not. Unexpectedly though, your laptop may break down and prohibit you from accessing your files and other important data. You are left with no other choice but to have your laptop repaired and seek assistance in recovering the valuable data stored in your computer. During the laptop data recovery process, however, your private files and other confidential information will be seen and potentially exposed to third parties without your knowledge.

It is of utmost importance, therefore, to make some background checking on the data recovery service center you plan to hire before you hand them your laptop for repair. It is good to ask for recommendations from your relatives and friends on the best service center to fix your laptop or you can refer to customer feedback for added knowledge. Only when you are completely satisfied that the service center is reliable and trustworthy, you can turn over your laptop to them for repair. In addition, you have to make sure that service center has extensive knowledgeable on laptop data recovery so you that there is a greater chance of recovering your important data.

It is a very stressful situation when you encounter a problem with your laptop and it is no longer performing properly. This is especially true when there are indications that your laptop might breakdown and there is vital information stored in your laptop that you could not get a hold of. Your stress can be further aggravated when time is of the essence and that you need the data you have been working with on in your laptop, however, you could not retrieve it because your computer crashed. Although, laptop data recovery is much easier now and highly probable as compared to way back when it is not at all possible, it is still wiser to keep your laptop safe so as to prevent a breakdown.

Like any other electronic equipment, the laptop must also be handled with extreme care. Exposure to direct sunlight or water spillage is a proven cause of damage to a laptop. Tiny particles of food around the laptop could also damage it as ants and other bugs might tamper the sensitive chips inside the laptop. These are some but very important measures to be avoided so that your laptop’s lifespan can be prolonged.

Notwithstanding the accessibility of laptop data recovery process or software, it is still essential to take good care of your laptop as this is an indispensable tool in your work life. Find out more about laptop drive recoveries here.

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The Failures that Mac Hard Drive Recovery Cannot Address

Electrical and mechanical failure not only happens to big equipment and complex systems but also in a simple gadgets. Different types of hardware are affected when the unit as a whole breaks down. In a hard drive, there can be an assortment of mechanical failure as well as motor failure. These types of problems need an expert that would recover the data stored in the hardware. On the other hand, the Mac hard drive recovery was designed to retrieve data if the hard drive does not have serious mechanical and electrical problems.

On the part of PC owners, it is beneficial to have a troubleshooting system like one which can offer Mac hard drive recovery. By utilizing this method first, they can pinpoint the cause of the problem by determining the hard drive’s condition. If the hardware does not respond after employing the Mac hard drive recovery, a more advanced method has to be considered. This next step can be costly because expert technicians use specialized tools and software to effectively recover the precious data within a hard drive. With the sophisticated methods they employ, even those hard drives in the worst possible conditions can be processed for data retrieval. With advanced methods, cutting edge components can be restored to obtain useful information.

If you are a Mac owner, you should be familiar with the telltale sign before a hard drive crash occurs: the speed of your computer has declined significantly, even when you have faithfully kept the Mac maintenance on your computer. In this critical stage, you should back up all your files at once. But when the crash suddenly happens without warning; there are options provided for us by those who experienced the problem and succeed in the mission of Mac hard drive recovery. Read the following:

First, try doing the repair using the Disk Utility. Pop the Mac OS Install DVD into the optical drive. Press the Alt/Option key while you power up the PC. Access the Disk Utilities from the top menu and click Verify Disk and then Repair Disk under First Aid. If you don’t have a Mac OS install DVD but if you have a FireWire cable, do this next step. Boot in Target Disk Mode. Get or borrow another Mac and connect it to your nonworking Mac
using a FireWire cable. Target Boot the nonworking Mac as if it was an external hard drive. Press down the T key as you power it on. If your files can be seen and can be retrieved at the working computer, consider yourself lucky.

You can also use Data Recovery Software. There are software available in the market and there are also free downloadable software in the net. Choose one that is tailored to Mac and usually its installation is easy. The software not only recovers the data but also stores it in a safe and secure place. Try the service of the data recovery specialists. If your files are that important to you, then bring your malfunctioned hard drive to those who are experts on this job. Maybe they are just the answer to your Mac hard drive recovery pursuit but you must be prepared to kick in some serious bucks!

Most people are so obsessed with their gadgets that they tend to treat these inanimate objects as one of the family members. This is one of the reasons why some gadget owners grieve so much when their units got lost or become defective. For Mac owners, the main issue with their malfunctioning units is the retrieval of stored data. Salvaging the hard disk drive is the immediate step that is commonly undertaken. But by taking simple steps to Mac hard drive recovery, a hard drive in question can be processed to recover data stored in it.

The failure of a hard disk drive can be attributed to a number of reasons. It can be the fault of the PC owner or of an accident. On the other hand, it can be due to the breakdown of other components and not exactly for the hard drive. In this scenario, the Mac hard drive recovery is highly effective. It only takes a few minutes to hook up the hard drive to another PC to determine if the data can easily be recovered. The Mac hard drive recovery will not work if the cause of the hard disk drive failure is more serious.

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Issues About Free RAID Recovery

Some IT professionals have set the standards for an ideal RAID Recovery tool. Their criteria state that the program must work with disks from software and hardware RAIDs, those from image files, those from NAS devices, and hard drives. In the web, there are sites that offer free and paid data recovery tools. Some free software focus on RAID parameters like number of member disks, member disks and data order, parity position and rotation, and start offset and block size. All of these specifications are crucial to the success of the recovery.

After users have recovered data from the array with professional RAID Recovery, they must create the array image file. The next step would be to write the array to disk, and have an XML file to save the layout. This procedure that the data that was retrieved are safe and easily accessible when needed. There is really no big issue in using free RAID Recovery tools as long as they do not pose additional threats to RAID arrays. On the other hand, paid recovery tools must have the right features to successfully retrieve data and restore the storage system. Consumers are willing to pay for IT software as long as it is capable of addressing issues in RAID arrays.

The principle of RAID was seen to be ingenious that the term becomes synonymous to a data storage system that has the capacity to divide and replicate files in a number of physical drives. Another advantage of the system is that the operating system being utilized access the RAID array as a single drive only. In RAID recovery, it is entirely a different process. The retrieval is done in every partition so that the entire array is scanned for any significant data that used to be inaccessible. In the different RAID schemes, there is specific designed recovery software. This is because every RAID scheme differs in performance, capacity, and resiliency.

Previously, there are five RAID levels but a number of variations pop up through the years. To adapt to these changes software developers initiated changes in RAID recovery capabilities. Being a collection of a number of drives, large amount of data can be lost if an array is corrupted. To ensure the efficiency of retrieval, any RAID recovery software must fit a specific architecture. Consumers must be careful in downloading or buying recovery software that promises heaven and earth. They must look for providers who only deliver realistic result based on the level of damage the drives have encountered. There are more details at

Checksum and Raid 5 Recovery

RAID 5 recovery can get extremely messy if you are not equipped with the right skills to get the job done. System crashes are almost inevitable with the increasing volume of computer workload being encoded in to the system. Way back when computers were not given a premium, or even were still working out. Things were a little bit easier and simpler way back then.

In this dawn of technological advancements, more premiums have been placed on the use of computers and data storage. When dealing with high powered servers, the storage system used is the RAID 5 system. It is comprised of 3 to 5 hard drives working together, with one hard drive memory used as parity data storage device. Prior the checksum being made to effect by IBM S/38, RAID 5 recovery was extremely hard. Under ordinary computer failure, when the disk fails, the system stops working. With checksum in place, recovery from a drive failure was way shorter and much easier than without the same. Under repairs, the bad disks are replaced and then parity bit is run for disk recovery. The system will automatically restart using the recovery method akin to after a power failure recovery.


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How to Overcome Head Crashes With Macs

A hard disk drive failure may occur when a read-write head and the rotating platter of a hard disk comes into contact. When this occurs, the magnetic media on the platter surface is permanently damaged leaving no room for repair. This effect is brought as a result of severe motion of the disk. A hard drive crash for example, head crash is triggered by enough pressure on platters exerted on the head and scratches past the magnetic storage layer. Often times; an excessive force causes the head to bounce against its disk. The area of the magnetic coating on the head is destroyed rendering the head damaged. The particles of the damaged area cause more head crashes as they are exposed to other areas causing data loss. When a running hard drive disk is accidentally dropped, it is subjected to similar consequences as above. Improved technology has embraced modern hard disks, which incorporate free fall sensors. This technology provides protection against head crashes resulting from dropping of a hard drive disc.

Unlike other forms of data loss, head crashes can only be fixed by an expert. This is because; the process requires the heads being replaced or reset. This requires a lot of expertise since even the tiniest particle will contaminate the drive making the drive unrecoverable. A very clean and dust free environment is required to ensure no contamination takes place. This calls for experience from experts and not novice as the experts will have a professional way of resolving the problem with required tools and skills.

Hard drive crash can be understood as the malfunctioning of the hard drive causing the stored data inaccessible. It can be caused by either physical or logical failures. At any given time when the hard drive crashes, the computer will not boot but instead, a clicking, grinding or whirring noise is heard signifying a physical failure of the hard drive. It is dangerous to continue trying booting the computer because this may lead to critical damaging of the hard drive. When the hard drive crashes because of a physical malfunction, there are higher chances of having the data being still intact and accessible.

Data recovery solutions can be used to retrieve data from the malfunctioning hard disk. If data is successfully recovered, a new hard disk must the better option replace the damaged hard drive. The new hard drive is reinstalled with an operating system and all the required application software. The installed operating software will create an interface to provide access to the recovered and transferred data. Whenever the physical hard drive crash is so critical that not even another system is able to read the hard drive, data recovery experts are consulted to try to salvage the lost data. Care must be taken not to mistaken the sound produced by a malfunctioning cooling fan with physical hard disk crash. One should open the case and keenly discern the sound from the drive.

Sometimes, we do not back up our files and documents onto an external hard drive. Sometimes we forget, and sometimes we are just too lazy to be bothered. And when our Mac laptop crashes, we get all panicky and worried. The truth is, not all is lost when your Macbook dies on you. Laptop data recovery is available to help you regain the data and documents that you thought you had lost. By removing the internal hard disk from the old hardware and connecting it to a working laptop or Mac, you can access and save all the files you need from the old hard disk. Although you might be able to do this yourself with the help of the Internet, we suggest that you get the assistance from your local hard drive repair company. A good choice for hard drive recovery is Because we know all of this, you do not want to risk messing up and losing the data within your hard disk.  Besides that, they have the proper tools and software to operate on your old laptop and internal hard disk.

So the next time when your computer or laptop breaks down, do not fear as Mac laptop drive recovery is available to help you restore all your data and other stuff that thought that you have lost. This is especially important for Mac databases which may be critical.

Most people store important and private stuff inside their Macbooks and PowerMacs. Moreover, sometimes they forget to back up their data on a regular basis. In addition, once their laptop crashes, they panic! They are afraid that the documents and data within their old laptops or Macs will be lost. Do not fear, as Mac hard drive data recovery is now available from certain providers.

Macbook recovery consists of several steps. First, you have to gently remove the internal hard drive from the old hardware. This can be done usually by a door on the bottom. Next, the internal hard drive is connected to a working Mac or laptop via a cabble. With proper software at hand, you can then access the files and data within the internal hard drive using your other PC or laptop. Copy the files over from the internal hard disk over to your working PC, and there you have it!

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Hard Drive Worries

If your hard drive crashes, the first thing you should do is do not panic! Not all is lost, and there is a high level of certainty that everything inside your laptop is still fine. Hard drive crash happens to everyone all the time. Due to this persisting problem with hard disks, computer experts and professionals are equipped with the knowledge and the skills to handle hard drive related problems.

Mainly, hard drive crash occurs due to two reasons. One reason is physical failure and the other is logical failure. Physical failure occurs when either there is a malfunction in the mechanical parts of the hard drive or there are circuit problems with the hard drive circuit board. On the other hand, logical failure happens within the hard drive and it causes past information to render unreadable or inaccessible. When either one of this situation occurs, the hard disk will become corrupt. So, no matter what you have in your hard drive, whether it is work or private information and data, hard drive crash does not mean the end of your documents and data. Always refer to an expert when you face Mac hard disk problems and try not to handle the situation yourself, as the procedures can be quite delicate and difficult without the proper technical skills and tools.

Avoiding Hard Drive Failures
The hard disk is one of the most important parts in your laptop or personal computer. It is the hardware that stores all your data and documents. That is why people spend a large amount of money to purchase a quality hard drive that has a high amount of memory and runs at a rapid speed. But nevertheless, hard drive crash still occurs now and again. When your hard disk fails, you will not be able to access what is inside the hard disk or the ‘memory’ inside your laptop. But do not fear, as there is always a solution for hard drive crash.

Depending on what is wrong with your hard disk, computer experts can easily dismantle and fix up your hard disk. Some of the common problems that go wrong with hard drives include malfunction of mechanical parts, problems in the circuit board and logical problems within the hard drive itself. With the proper tools and skills, an expert can define what is wrong with your hard drive and take proper actions to fix the problem. Therefore, do not fear if your laptop’s hard disk crashes one day. There is always a solution to regain the data stored deep within your hard drive.

If your screen suddenly turns blue or regularly freezes, then there is a big chance that the problem can be linked to hard drive failure. You need to make sure that it is a hard drive failure just before you attempt a hard drive repair in your own terms. Though there is a professional service that can be counted on when it comes to repair, still many computer owners resort to DIY approaches to hard drive repair. There’s nothing wrong in doing all the repair work all by yourself, just make sure that you are aware of the best practices.

There are two important things you need to keep in mind before you attempt a hard drive repair job. One, you need to make sure that the hard disk is totally dead and non-working just before you attempt some of the steps that you know. It is also understood that you have contacted all the diagnostic tests that are required to validate the problem. It is also important to take note that working on the hard drive will also affect its warranty coverage. The best approach to hard drive repair if the hard drive is still in warranty is to contact first the manufacturer so that the department can help when it comes to data recovery.

Signs of Failing Hard Drive
In this modern age where people rely heavily on computers, there is nothing more serious than computer problems, especially hard drive problems. People are keenly aware of the crucial role of the hard drive in storing files, applications and basically any kind of data. When the hard drive fails, the computer is basically rendered useless as it cannot perform its main functions of keeping and securing information. Hard drive problems not only cause data loss, which may have severe implications, but it is also inconvenient and can hamper work or business related functions.

But computers rarely just stop working abruptly. Usually, it displays signs that something is going wrong and knowing and recognizing these signs can help you take care of the problems before things go bad. For hard drive failures, the most common sign would be disappearance or corruption of files. When your files are mysteriously disappearing or when your files become unreadable, it’s a sign that something could be wrong. Another common sign would be when your computer reboots on its own, and it happens frequently. The noticeable slow down of computer process is another indication of hard drive problems, but the most serious indication would be when you hear clicking noises while the computer is running. If you observe your computer giving off more than a couple of signs that there could be hard drive problems, take necessary steps to have hard drive repair before you lose all data.

Just imagine your hard drive crashing in the middle of some urgent and important work on which even your life and career depend on. In such a circumstance, apart from the worry about your career loss, there is the even greater worry regarding the whole mass of strenuously collected data that might be lost. This is a common scenario in today’s hectic tech-oriented and tech-dependent careers. Though most people would think about trashing those damaged hard drives, there are experts and specialists today whose job is all about how to recover hard drive.

Depending on whether the damage is logical or mechanical, the specialists who recover hard drive can start their work. There is also software, which enables the recovery of hard drives. The mechanically or logically damaged hard drives require sophisticated means to recover hard drives. However, though the drives can be repaired and brought back to life, the huge expense of the recovery process and the lack of guarantee regarding the success of that process make people trash the drives, all the same. There is one sure thing, though, which is the recovery of lost data. All the data that was supposedly lost can surely be retrieved by the expertise of the specialists at Hard Drive Recovery Associates.

The computer that has been serving you for days, months, or years is bound to fail or crash one day.  There are no precautions that you can take against it.  The only thing that you can do is to have backups of the loads of data that you have on the system drives or have a recovery set up like RAID or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.  If you have backups, then you need not go to the experts to recover hard drive, and if you have a recovery system, the chances of crashes will be much less. However, in the case of a hard drive crash, and you lack the technology to tackle it, the only solution is to go to the specialists who recover hard drive.

The cost of repairing hard drives is usually very high. There is also no surety that the drive will be able to function in full swing after the repair. Fortunately, the hardware experts have all the sophisticated technology to revive the large amounts of data that was on the damaged hard drive. So, once you give the damaged drive to recover hard drive, you can sleep peacefully because, at least, you will get all the data back.

The fact that one cannot access data in a crashed hard drive does not mean that the data is permanently lost. Data recovery solutions can be applied and data is salvaged. A hard drive can be healthy but unable to boot into the operating system meaning that the contents of the hard drive remain inaccessible. Factors that contribute to these logical errors include malicious infection of data or corruption of sectors of the hard drive by viruses or warms, system driver conflict, human error or malfunctioning of software.

Whenever these logical errors occur, reinstallation of an operating system or running basic disk scans will be efforts in futility because they may end up overwriting or permanently deleting the data. File system errors, critical corruption of data and other logical failures can be resolved through repairing the portions of the damaged file system by use of specialized data recovery software. Damaged files can as well be recovered through data carving which means salvaging lost data by use of knowledge about their structure. In spite of claims by Peter Guttmann that overwritten data on a hard drive can be recovered, it is assumed that overwritten data cannot be recovered because there lacks a reliable example of large amount of data that has been successfully recovered. So if your PC experiences hard drive crash, you have the opportunities to overcome it.

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Accounting And Disk Protection With Macs

For many users, it is important to be able to import and export data to and from other programs, and to make sure that your hard drive is not going to crash. Requiring hard drive recovery is never a good thing, and can really hold your organization back. All of these programs can translate different data formats (see Table 1, “Spreadsheet Features Compared”), although Trapeze’s unique block structure makes it the least capable in this area. As part of their challenge to Excel, Full Impact and Wingz should be able to read the Excel file format directly. Unfortunately, that’s Microsoft’s proprietary information, and it has not yet been successfully reverse-engineered.

In the balance, what spreadsheet you ultimately go with will depend on your needs. People who need to perform diverse tasks on a random basis may want to go with Works for rough-and-ready integration. But for the occasional or basic user, MacCalc if also a good choice. The user interface is straightforward and easy to learn, and it includes some formatting capabilities for creating attractive output. It is also faster than Excel for most of the operations we tested.

Ragtime 2 and Trapeze have an extra layer of structure to get through that is confusing at first. Ragtime’s frames can obscure the actual spreadsheet, but once you become familiar with them, they work quite naturally. Ragrime is worth considering for desktop publishing. If Cricket could improve the program’s slow performance, Ragtime could see a wider acceptance in this country.

Trapeze’s blocks are unique, but it’s the most difficult spreadsheet to learn. The current version comes with a newly written tutorial, but it still takes some time to be up and running — perhaps even longer for experienced spreadsheet users who have much to unlearn first. Blocks give Trapeze unique power, but this program is strictly for those who know how to use that power.

Users who like to incorporate data-bases in their spreadsheets will like Wingz’s superior speed on a Mac II. Trapeze and Full Impact also have good database features, but Excel is still best at handling large databases on Macs with 1 megabyte of RAM. Excel also has powerful macros for the average user, though programmers may want to look at the higher level languages of Full Impact and Wingz.

Who’s the winner in the spreadsheet battle for survival? If Full impact cleans up its memory management or Wingz streamlines some of its overly complicated methods of operation, you’ll see some serious species wars with Excel. What’s really happening, though, is the diversification of the spreadsheet world, where ultimately no single species will conquer every other. And that’s good news. In a food-chain simulation, when the sharks eat up all the tunas, they’ve made a meal of their own extinction.

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Checking Out Different Spreadsheet Programs for Mac

Before there was a Macintosh or even a PC, VisiCalc roamed a numeric world of two worksheet dimensions — the x,y-axes — apparent master of all it surveyed. But that’s just another dinosaur story. As with other species, VisiCalc’s extinction was aided and abetted by the arrival of two formidable predators: Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Excel. Since then, aeons have passed in computer time, and other Darwinian tales are in the making. Lotus 1-2-3 is already a dinosaur (even though it’s not extinct), since Excel has surpassed it on many counts. On the Macintosh side, Excel’s reign has continued for quite sometime. But predators can become victims, just as successive species can perish because of an inability to adapt to changing conditions. Neither Lotus 1-2-3 nor Excel has seen a major update since its introduction, though both companies are promising imminent changes.

The fact is, the spreadsheet has evolved beyond simple row-and-column tables and is fast becoming something rich and strange. State-of-the-art Macintosh spreadsheets can now variously offer database management, graphics presentation capabilities for desktop publishing, and macros for automating repetitive processes. Macros themselves have burgeoned into full-fledged programming languages. With Full Impact from Ashton-Tate (the No. 3 software company) and Wingz from Informix Software, you get more powerful presentation capabilities than with Excel and a higher level macro language. In fact, Wingz’s language is not based on macros at all but is a compiled language on which the interface is built.

It’s nonetheless important to put things into perspective and to cut through the hype. While Full Impact is being marketed as a spreadsheet for desktop publishing, it has none of the layout tools necessary for precise placement of elements on a page. The same is true for Wingz. For DTP you have to turn to Ragtime 2 from Cricket Software. Ragtime 2 does desktop publishing of spreadsheets the way Mac users expect it should be done, and its forms-creation capabilities have made it very popular in Europe, where the program was written. For that matter, Trapeze from Access Technology — a true power user’s spreadsheet — also has some superior presentation features going for it, though the program takes some getting used to.

But not everyone wants a spreadsheet that can walk the DTP dog. A power laden program can be its own worst enemy if it’s difficult to learn or use. This has been one of the chief complaints about Excel, which spawned numerous training courses and texts.

People who need a spreadsheet only for keeping simple budgets or presenting expense statements may want to consider MacCalc from Bravo Technologies. MacCalc has no graphics capabilities, but it offers good performance and a low price. It also ran faster than Excel in most of our tests.

Then there’s your non-power user with multiple needs, such as word processing, spreadsheet, and database. How about a program that addresses those needs? Microsoft Works is aimed at this market. It includes four easy-to-use integrated applications — spreadsheet, word processor, database, and communications — plus a drawing palette. Works is convenient and economical, but it’s easy to outgrow any one of its applications.

As in any crowded software field, users should do their own targeting when buying a spreadsheet. You don’t need a Clydesdale to cross the street. We at MacUserLabs will help you define what you need by examining seven spreadsheet programs for the Mac and comparing them to Lotus 1-2-3.

Spreadsheet Basics

VisiCalc laid down the common denominators. A spreadsheet must, at the very least, have horizontal and vertical arithmetic, usually expressed as rows and columns. It should allow formula entry into any cell, so that new data can be created any where on the spreadsheet. And it should provide dynamic cell linkage, so that formula cells automatically update when a referenced cell changes. These three basic abilities allow spreadsheets to manipulate large amounts of data and to test or analyze the results. From there, a rich overlay of features streches the spreadsheet paradigm past the point of recognition.

Data entry, editing, and navigation: Six of the seven programs we tested use the same method of data entry: numbered rows and lettered columns with a matrix of thousands of blank cells extending out far past the screen. (Trapeze, the exception, uses blocks instead.) This data-entry method is somewhat misleading. While companies boast about the number of cells in their worksheets, what they fail to tell you is that most of the cells can’t be filled with data.

The only spreadsheets we could fill were MacCalc, which has a relatively small spreadsheet (125 columns by 999 rows) and Full Impact (256 columns by 2,048 rows, using virtual memory, the strategy of using disk space as a memory buffer when RAM is full). Excell–which can use only 1 megabyte of memory, regardless of how much RAM is in your Mac — had the smallest maximum size of the seven Mac spreadsheets we tested (on a 1-megabyte SE, 256 columns by 204 rows, with 213 cells in the 205th row). Under almost all conditions, Full Impact’s virtual memory is fast and efficient. However, you need lots of disk space, and under certain conditions (such as large databases, sorts, or copies on a machine with 1 megabyte of RAM), the program will page between memory and disk for hours. This is called thrashing.

Typically, spreadsheets let you type text, numbers, and formulas into the appropriate cells to build a model. Cells can then be selected and edited within the formula bar at the top of the spreadsheet. Ragtime 2 is the only spreadsheet that has a cursor in the cells themselves in addition to the formula bar. And why not? Indirect editing is a holdover from VisiCalc and the PC. All Macintosh programs should be able to edit data directly on the page.

Selecting ranges of cells is also a standard spreadsheet feature. In addition, Excel, Full Impact, and Wingz have island selection. This enables you to select a noncontiguous range of cells by using the Command key to extend the range. Wingz and Excel can select whole rows and columns concurrently using this technique.

For moving round, Full Impact and Wingz also have navigation arrows: You click an arrow, and the screen cursor moves to the next or last active cell in that direction. To speed up moving around, all of the programs have Go To commands except MacCalc, which has Search by Text or Value commands. In addition, Full Impact lets you type a cell reference or range name into the location indicator, and it will go to that selection. Wingz has a Go menu with the most complete Find command of any spreadsheet — it will find cell types in addition to cells and text. It also has a Select command that can select all cells of a particular type or select a cell’s dependent or precedent cells. This is a valuable auditing tool.

Full Impact enhances the interface with icon bars that allow you to click on an icon to execute a command, rather than locating it in the pull-down menus. There are three bars of 14 icons that can be customized for your personal use. If you’re typing data and using the keyboard, the icons are not that useful. If you’re editing, entering formulas, or creating graphics, however, your hand is probably already on the mouse and the icon bars are quick and convenient to use.

Trapeze fits the three basic requirements of a spreadsheet but throws away the row-and-column model. Instead, you create blocks and place them on a blank page. Each contains cells into which you can enter data. You can always reshape the cells within the block, add or delete cells, and rearrange blocks on the page.

Numeric blocks in Trapeze can contain as many as 32,000 by 32,000 cells, but there is no way to reference the individual cells by column and row numbers. Instead, you reference entire blocks by name and index. Titles and labels must be entered as separate blocks, since you can’t mix text and numbers. Trapeze worksheets are built of many smaller blocks linked by formulas.

The advantage of Trapeze’s blocks is that they impose a certain orderliness that can be very helpful when you’re creating large or complex models. Different elements exist as distinct, named blocks that make the underlying logic clear and auditing easier. The disadvantage is that you can’t simply start entering data and changing the format as you go. Trapeze worksheets require a certain amount of planning.

Data formats: Data for all the spreadsheets we tested can be displayed in various formats, including text, fixed, float, scientific, logical, date, and time (although MacCalc has no time format). All seven of these programs can control the number of decimal places and the way in which negative numbers are displayed. They all can also add commas and dollar signs to numbers automatically.

Excel has the ability to define custom data formats and add them to the menu. This makes it easy to display international currencies, to combine date and time formats, or to create special-purpose formats for data like compass bearings. You can also define colors to go along with Excel’s data formats. Wingz scripts can be written to customize data formats, but these are controlled from the Script menu rather than the Format menu and are not as simple to create or use.

Excel’s custom data formats are so useful that it isn’t clear why other programs haven’t adopted or improved upon them. Like direct cell editing, they provide the kind of flexibility without complexity that one expects from Macintosh programs.

Calculations: As far as spreadsheet calculation speed goes, none of the Mac programs on an SE was as fast as Lotus 1-2-3 on a Compaq 286 (see “How the Spreadsheets Were Tested”). Excel and a beta version of Wingz were faster than 1-2-3 on a Mac II but not on the most important test, which tested the speed of arithmetic operations that make up the bulk of spreadheet calculations.

Among the Mac programs, MacCalc showed the fastest arithmetic recalculation speed on an SE, while the beta version of Wingz showed the fastest time on a 4-megabyte Mac II. Wingz also had the best overall speed on the Mac II. Ragtime 2 was conspicuous as the slowest program overall on either computer. Only Excel, Full Impact, and Trapeze could handle a large (15,000-cell) spreadsheet when limited to 1 megabyte of memory.

Remember that a purchasing decision should not be based on speed alone. The way you do spreadsheet tasks is also very important, and much time can be spend in setting up calculations. when you build a formula, each program will recognize the difference between text and numeric data, and typing an equal sign (=) puts the program into Equation mode. With Full Impact, though, you don’t always need to type the equal sign, because the program automatically recognizes any of its built-in functions as being part of an equation. That’s a simple example, but it’s the kind of shortcut you should look for in any program you evaluate.

Typically, you can type in numbers, operators, or cell or range references, or you use built-in functions to create equations. All of the programs allow you to choose built-in functions from the menu and paste them into the formula bar. Wingz pastes variable names along with the function as a reminder. Trapeze has submenus for built-in functions, operators, and block names.

All spreadsheets adjust equations automatically when you move or copy equations or add or delete rows and columns. In cases where equations contain fixed cell locations, the references can be made absolute so that the equation doesn’t change when copied to a new location.

Built-in functions are extremely useful. For example, it is much easier to type =SUM(A1:A100) than to select each cell and type a plus sign (+) each time. Also, most of us don’t know or remember the formulas for calculating compound interests or computing mortgage payments. All the programs have built-in mathematical, statistical, logical, trigonometric, financial, and spreadsheet-manipulation functions. In addition, all the spreadsheets except Works have date functions, and Excel, Trapeze, Full Impact, and Wingz have database functions.

Excel’s Paste Function command lists all 131 functions alphabetically, which makes finding the right one difficult (though typing the first character or two will put you in the range that you want). Full Impact, Wingz, and Trapeze use hierarchical menus so that functions are subdivided by type. Wingz has 146 defined functions (with an additional 159 HyperScript functions), while MacCalc has the fewest with 51. Excel has the ability to write custom functions and add them to the menu list. Full Impact function macros are displayed in the macro menu (see “Macros” section of this report).

In Ragtime 2, each cell can contain a second formula that affects the action of the first. If the second evaluates to true, then the main formula is calculated; otherwise, the cell value remains unchanged. Entering a value into the cell will not overwrite the second formula. This feature makes it possible to replace one value with another (for example, to substitute low, medium, high for 1, 2, 3).

Arrays and matrices: Data analysis does not always proceed in simple cell-and-range fashion. It is often helpful to have functions that can act on a group of cells simultaneously while keeping their spatial arrangement intact. Trapeze, Wingz, and Excel allow you to do arithmetic on entire tables, which are called matrices (an array is a single row or column.) You can multiply or add two matrices together, getting another matrix as a result (matrix arithmetic). Statistical functions like regression analysis and frequency distribution require matrix inputs. You can also solve systems of simultaneous equations using Wingz’s NSOLVE function or Trapeze’s GAUSS function. Excel comes with an example of how to build a macro to solve systems of simultaneous equations using Gaussian elimination.

Trapeze’s table blocks all functions as arrays, while in Wingz and Excel the arrays must be specifically defined. Because Trapeze’s functions all use matrix arithmetic, this program can adjust block size automatically. For instance, Trapeze has an Amortize function that can be entered into a single-celled block. When the function is evaluated, the resulting block expands to a four-column amortization schedule with as many rows as there are payments. Change the length of the loan, and the table auto-sizes to reflect the new number of payments.

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Apple always knows what it’s doing with new models

You have to believe that Apple thinks it has a mighty fine bunch of computers in its Macintosh line. It probably sinks enough money into print and TV advertising to restore the economy of any emerging third world country. It employs a large number of people who presumably do much more than sit around thinking up new system numbers. Why, then, do I walk out of Apple press announcements convinced that the people doing the presentations don’t have a clue about what the Mac can do?

When you go to Apple for a press briefing, every Apple person involved walks in with a file folder full of transparencies. You are handed photocopies of what appear to be MORE bullet charts. Then someone takes the original transparencies and projects them on a screen and reads them to the attendees. The level of excitement generated is somewhere between watching grass grow and a coma. Even if you want to get excited, you find yourself more involved in just staying awake.

Case in point: The most recent Apple hardware announcement (as of this writing) was for the Mac IPad 5. It took place in San Francisco in a very nice auditorium in the opera complex. Randy Battat proudly announced at the beginning that the charts and slides we would be seeing were done in Cricket Presents. You know Cricket Presents; it is notable for–among other things–color. About the only thing you’d learn about it from the Apple presentations is that Cricket Presents does an outstanding job at importing MORE black-and-white bullet charts — which MORE II can do, and it can add color as well, for that matter. Well, let me be perfectly fair. There were two or three tree charts of the Mac product line that were in at least two colors: washed-out red and (if memory serves me) undistinguished green.

Now I could go into a politically correct tirade about how this is what Apple has come to by ignoring (and then actively repudiating) all those T-shirted hacker types whose creativity kept the Mac alive while Apple and third-party companies fumbled around trying to get software for it. I do have to say that the software product that I didn’t see seem to be very rough in nature and probably would be subject to causing hard drive problems in the future. Fortunately, I do know a pretty good data recovery service that can help.But there’s a perfectly good “suit” argument in favor of Apple executives and public relations people making full use of their own platform. It’s good business. Everyone, both press and users (corporate or otherwise), is interested in a company that’s excited about its product. Apple representatives should be up there putting the Mac through its paces — breaking the sound barrier instead of doing a few boring loops. The one thing about the Mac that everyone knows of, even if they’re unregenerate PC users, is its graphics ability. Amazing graphics. Mind-boggling graphics. Animated graphics. And with the Mac II, color graphics. Let’s see some of that from Apple, who should be able to do it best. To a lot of people, MIS directors among them, a computer is just a computer. If your computer does something that distinguishes it from the rest, you ought to be making sure everyone knows it.

If the people who should know the Mac best don’t seem to be impressed, why should anyone else?


Speaking of businesses and presentations, I saved myself a little time at the Las Vegas Comdex by avoiding booths manned by scantily dressed models–of either sex–busting out of the tops of their costumes. In this respect, Comdex looks more like the Consumer Electronics Show every near. Maybe in Las Vegas these companies think they have to compete with showgirls and clubs. (No company is crazy enough to think it can compete with the casinos.)

Comdex new included a rash of optical storage media, a welcome side effect of the NeXT announcement. But the thing I heard people discussing most often was the “ghettoizing” of Macintosh products at the next Comdex. At the spring Chicago Comdex, there will also be a MacDEX. This idea might have seemed like a good one about two years ago. Finding the Mac-only vendors was an arduous task when they were few and far between. Many Mac vendors stayed away from the show because of the Mac’s low visibility.

The problem now is that there are a number of vendors, including key players such as TOPS, Borland, Microsoft, and Ashton-Tate, that produce both Macintosh and PC products. Where do they exhibit? Two booths is not an elegant investment even for companies that can afford it.

And what about a company like Cornerstone, which produces one-and two-page display monitors? About 40 percent of its business is Macintosh: not enough to warrant the cost of two booths, but too much to ignore entirely.

This is an idea whose time has come–and gone. Macs are beginning to have a real corporate presence. More than that, the Macintosh can reach out and touch almost every other kind of computer, from PCs to mainframes. Mac-only and PC-only vendors still exist, but they are rapidly becomming the minority. MacUser editors went by few non-Macintosh booths in which someone didn’t start talking about plans for a Mac product or connecting to a Mac–including Hewlett-Packard. Mac-only companies and products are not by any means the whole market anymore. People have learned that different computers sometimes have different virtues, and the one-brand office is becoming obsolete.

The MAcDEX decision could make more money for Comdex organizers, but otherwise the idea has little to recommend it. It looks like a clear case of failure to reality-check.

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Training On Mac Computers Works Out

A funny thing often happens when a company buys Macintosh computers for the office. The equipment arrives, desks are cleared, plugs are plugged in, and befuddled employees sit staring at blank monitors. They seem to be waiting for those newsletters and brochures–downright Mona Lisas of the genre–to leap out and land in their laps. They may as well wait for Godot.

What’s going on? Aren’t Macs supposed to be self-explanatory? Simple to learn? Isn’t it true that anyone can sit down and crank out professional-looking publications within minutes of unwrapping one of these things?

No, they can’t. But unfortunately, this is the impression many office managers have of the Mac. Consequently, they load up their offices with Mac G6s, Macbooks and laser printers, and they skimp on the one thing that would have made the machines truly useful: training.

Expecting employees to figure out these contraptions on their own almost never works. If there was rarely enough time to get all the work done before, the task of learning how to operate a new computer doesn’t help matters at all. Yes, ultimately the little beauty will save time on any number of projects, but until people get to that level, these intimidating boxes on their desks will only be nagging reminders that they should dig out the manual and start reading (which, of course, they never have time to do).

Naturally, there will be one person in the office who has either worked on a Mac before, or just has a knack for this kind of thing. Once the new system has been in place awhile, this individual will surely become the office’s computer guru. This is a problem. If everyone in the office expects Fred to solve their computer problems, Fred will burn up a great deal of his time putting out fires. This also does the hapless workers no good; they’ll never learn a thing if someone else is always rescuing them.

When workers are left to learn on their own, human nature kicks in: Nothing is easier than putting off learning new things. If a training schedule hasn’t been lined up by the time those computers hit the desks, users tend to learn just enough to get the job done. Then they lose all motivation to increase their skills. They realize they’re working at about 10 percent capacity and are limping through each project. But that first plateau can be a very comfortable place, and many users nest there indefinitely.

It all adds up to this: When training is set aside, so are the potential productivity gains of these wondrous new devices. Full productivity won’t be achieved until you have an office full of “power users.” Here’s how to make that happen.

The Training Solution

It’s usually one manager’s job to handle the purchase of computer equipment. But consider assigning another project manager the task of making sure everyone who receives a new computer also gets appropriate training. The following tips will help simplify that job.

* Make sure everyone starts from the same place. To ensure that everyone in your group is speaking the same language, you should give everyone the basics. With the exception of those who have a Mac at home or have worked on one extensively, everyone should be asked to enroll in a one-day introductory workshop. This will take care of rudimentary computer knowledge. After that, people can branch off to learn specific software programs.

A note about converts from other personal computers: The simplicity of the Macintosh can be deceiving. Users of PCs often expect that the move to the Mac will be painless. But the crossover actually can be much more frustrating for a PC user than for someone who’s never worked on a computer at all. Old computer habits die as hard as other old habits. Therefore, caution PC converts to leave their DOS behind and approach the Mac with an open mind.

Another note to training managers: Beware of computer dealers who offer “free training” with your purchase. It often amounts to nothing more than a group lecture. As technical trainers well know, making people listen to a speech about something they’ve never physically encountered often proves meaningless. Unless the trainees are working through the steps on computers themselves, the information covered in these sessions rarely sinks in.

* Make a list of user needs. Before you can decide what kind of training each person will need, you must know exactly how each computer will be used. So make a list of everyone who receives a new computer, along with what each person’s new responsibilities will be. Then decide together which software programs they’ll need to learn. For instance, a staff writer will need instruction in word processing software, while an office manager may need to learn both spreadsheet software for budgeting and word processing for correspondence. The art department will need to be trained in page layout and in computer design software.

It’s important to create this list promptly, so that once the basic training is completed, people can jump immediately to the software most important to their jobs.

* Note individual learning styles. Just as everyone has a different learning curve, everyone has her best learning style. It could be reading manuals, one-on-one instruction, on-going classes or a weekend seminar. You may save money if you simply give manuals to those who prefer self-study, but don’t count on it. Unless they have several hours of spare time each week or are willing to work at it after hours or on weekends, this method may take longer than you’re willing to wait. If the employee is adamant, give him a manual. But set a deadline.

In everyone else’s case, ask about each worker’s learning preferences and mark it on your needs list. You may find several people who prefer weekend seminars, which could qualify you for a group discount.

Because training costs can mount quickly, you’ll want to shop around to make sure you’re signing up with a consultant or class that’s known for results. Get references. Speak to the instructor about exactly what’s covered in the class, and what your employees can expect to get out of it. Avoid classes that are mostly lecture with little or no hands-on training. And think twice about classes in which trainees have to share a computer. Unless you’re working on your own computer and performing the functions yourself, chances are you’ll be sitting at your desk Monday morning with that same blank expression.

* Set deadlines. To ensure the fastest results, set deadlines for your people to learn to use their new computers. If they know they must master specific skills by a certain date, they will practice with a purpose in mind. With each deadline, schedule a meeting with the person to discuss what he’s learned, how he feels his job has been enhanced and what the next step should be. For instance, a staff artist who has been using Pagemaker software for several months might now benefit from learning a word processing program to manipulate and edit text on a page. Or an administrative assistant proficient in word processing may want to take a desktop publishing class so she could start publishing the company newsletter. In any case, unless your people have a concrete date to learn by, results may be slow in coming.

* Be Aware of Hardware Failures – okay I know it sounds ridiculous to think about your Mac computer failing moments after you have purchased it. After all, that is what the warranty is for. But on the other hand, you have to think about things that can fail that are not covered by your warranty. I’m talking of course about hard drive crashes or failures which can make it so that you cannot access your data. That data is usually very important to a company, so from the very start you should make sure that you have the contact details for a provider of Mac data recovery services. (try for a start) That way, when you’re hard drive does break down, you are probably going to not panic is much and make mistakes. Mistakes cost money.

* Train in phases. No one will learn everything from one workshop or session, so consider phasing in the training process. Three months is a reasonable amount of time to expect employees to learn and feel comfortable with a new software program. By then they’ll have had plenty of time to practice their new skills, to see the positive results, and will be receptive to learning something else.

No matter how anxious you are to make this new equipment start paying for itself, realize that learning new skills always takes more time than we’d like to put in. But rather than rushing everyone to learn to use their new Macs on their own, accept the importance and legitimacy of, say, a six-week course or a series of one-day workshops. As long as people are continually learning and upgrading their skills, soon you’ll see newsletters, brochures and even an occasional masterpiece leap out of those Macs.

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Backup And Good Mac Data Recovery

I haven’t had a lot of research to do for this website because I am typically very interested in Apple products. I am not the kind of person who really considers this work because I enjoy Apple computers in general. About the only thing that had to consider recently is a lot of investigation of data recovery tools for Mac. I can honestly say that this blog has been a labor of love for me for quite a while and that I continue to enjoy not only writing it, looking into. But since I had a recent Mac hard drive failure, and was forced to take a look around for some solid hard drive recovery companies, I have begun to realize just how important backing up your data is on a daily basis. I think too many people take for granted the fact that there hard drives are going to last forever, and certainly my recent broken hard drive has shown me just how critical a good backup is.

But outside of just having a good backup for your MacBook or iPod or any kind of Apple device, I think it’s also important to have the contact number of a good data recovery company on hand. The sites that I ended up checking out the most whenever I have some kind of  Mac hard drive issue tend to be really high quality  and that really has a lot to do with the fact that I have dealt with them before when I needed to recover data from a failed Mac hard drive. These guys really understood exactly what was going wrong with my system and I have to admit that I probably would have lost all of my data if it wasn’t for them. A lot of the information on this website actually comes from the recent hard drive recovery that they performed for me!

So I have to say something today to keep this blog rolling, it is that you should always be very aware of the fact that Apple hard drive tend to be very prone to failure just as they would if you are running a Windows system. I know that a lot of Apple fans like me tend to take our systems for granted and I can tell you that doing that can be very expensive. Learn from my lesson and I think you’ll find that you are going to be a happy MacBook owner for the rest of your life!

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Restore Those iTunes

I received a very interesting e-mail from a good friend of mine with whom I go back a bunch of years.:

I have been using the iPod Nano I bought in 2008 (3rd generation ?) with iTunes
on a MacBook. I have now bought a new Nano (5th generation ? – in any case, the
smaller square one) which I want to use with iTunes running a PC netbook running
Windows 7.
Can you tell me which files (and anything else) I need to copy from the
MacBook to the netbook to have the new iPod contain the same music as is on the
older one ? For that matter, is it possible to do it this way ?

Also, I have discovered (as I probably should have expected) that the iPod
cannot be used as delivered under Windows but must be reformatted; or in the
terminology used by iTunes, “restored” (though I can’t quite see how anything
can be restored when it never was in that state). However, when I click the
Restore button in iTunes, it says it needs to have access to the internet. For
various reasons, this netbook has never been connected to the internet, and I
don’t intend to connect it now. Is there some other way I can reformat the iPod
? It is fresh brand new and never had anything placed on it. it’s never even
been given a name.”

To him, I can only say that it is just a matter of learning how to do the syncing properly. Syncing with the iPod and iTunes is very simple and a lot of people do not understand that it really is just a point-and-click kind of system.

Once you start to get the hang of it, it is something that you will never let go of. Much like my love for iPods which of course goes on and on and on. It’s almost like a love Jam from the 70s.

Here was my answer:

“It wants to connect you with the store (surprise))
and with Apple to register it. It also will check
for software updates in case there are some
available. I have the Nano and like it real well,
it’s connected to my Dell laptop/Win 7. All of my
Apple devices can reach out to Apple via wifi
connections or via Windows. I use an iPhone,
Touch, two iPods (older), an iPad and now the new

I am enjoying the Nano the most. I suffer with
night pain associated with diabetes and RA and the
Nano is playing classical music in my ears while I
sleep and for the first time in a long time I am
sleeping painfree and often for four or five hours
at a time. I blame all this good stuff on Il Divo
and the new Nano. I just ordered a Bose headset,
paid more for it than I have ever paid for any
speakers, and look forward to listening to Il Divo
via Bose while I nod off.

You shouldn’t have any problems with an iPod and a
PC. I thought the iPods came out of the factory
intended for Windows and it was the Mac people who
had to change some settings when starting up. I
don’t think I have ever done anything but plug the
device in and sync.”

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Ice T’s Mac Repair Shop

I found it very funny when I was looking to find out how I could repair my MacBook and I ran across a video featuring IT, who used to be on that great television show Homicide: Life On The Streets, and  I’m told also was a rapper in the 80s. I never really got into rap because I found it to be a little bit aggressive for me. I tend to be somebody who would enjoy pop music in its cleanest sense. At the time I was probably listening to a lot of Ace of Base, which is of course one of my favorites. It still is one of those bands that whenever it comes on my iPod shuffle I am very happy.

I was wondering recently just how many models of iPod that I actually have in my collection and I realized that is a lot more than I would have thought. I still have an iPod mini from back in the days and it still functions 100% correctly. My brother had an iPod mini and he broke it very quickly at the time, and I said to him at the time that he is a fool and that he will want to keep that device in good condition. Of course, I think he ran over it with his skateboard which was a ridiculous thing for him to do because now I have a device and he doesn’t. I still use my devices on different days just depending on my mood.

The rope company called, Ice T, they want their gigantic chain back.Anyway, I started looking into this Ice-T character little bit because I thought his MacBook repair video was pretty funny, actually. It turns out he did a lot of swearing in the 1980s and had a lot of medium level hits  if you are a person who is into hip-hop music.

I know that it had probably been a long time since he is actually been successful in the music world, and I think this is because when you take a look at this photograph of him, you realize that the fashion at the time was absolutely hideous.

I don’t even really have to say very much about a large gold chain that features a large gold gun hanging around his neck. I imagine that if it was any heavier it probably would snap his head right off. Plus, that leather jacket is absolutely horrendous and should not be worn by any human being with any form of personal taste.

But, I do remember these and the 90s and they were pretty spectacular times for me. I remember also that I was using a lot of Apple products at the time and was first introduced to some of the models of computers that they had around that era. Those are great machines, even though Apple was having a difficult time succeeding.

My how times have changed for everyone, and I am not only saying this about me, but clearly about Apple Computer and about this particular gentleman Ice-T.

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Macbook Troubles And Hard Drive Failure

I am trying to keep this site as iPod so is it possible, but I am having a lot of trouble with my MacBook recently and I began to look into places where I could get it repaired. This is not an easy situation for me, because I do not like to be without my MacBook for over a couple of hours. I do not watch television and as a result I obtain most of my personal entertainment on the Internet via my MacBook. I know that I probably should buy something like Apple TV, but I have not done so and I probably am saving up to buy it at some time soon.

Anyway, a friend of mine took a look at my MacBook the other day because I was having a lot of issues and was making a lot of clicking sounds that I was actually surprised about. One of the fantastic things about Apple machines in general is that they simply do not make very much noise. In fact, they are probably one of the most powerful and quiet pieces of computing technology ever invented in this world. I am not joking around, I am completely serious.

But I went on the Internet looking around for some advice on how to fix my Macbook, and I came across this useless article about repairing a MacBook. I wish that sometimes there was censorship laws on the Internet so that people don’t publish crap like this about fixing a MacBook. I tried a lot of the techniques that were mentioned in the article and I ended up just making it worse because my hard drive was clicking and by using. I did not know at the time that this was a symptom of hard drive failure, but I soon found out when I called a local data recovery shop that specialized in Apple computers. I was absolutely stunned that the article would tell you exactly what the symptoms of hard drive failure were, but I think I had probably already made my bed here. Unfortunately, my MacBook was going to die.

But, these guys at the data recovery shop ended up being huge heroes for me. I do not know what I would do without my MacBook and they saved me so much time and money in the long run. I am so happy that I finally have everything I want in life thanks to Apple, and I have functioning devices thanks to a really good company.

Life is good again.

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Those Are Some Amazing iPod Accessories


I definitely wanted to talk about a recent iPod accessory package that I bought from Amazon. I think I like it simply because it is one of those packages that you really never expect to be as good as it is. When you have an iPod classic like I have and you prefer not to move on to the iTouch for your music (let’s face it, there is no way you can fit all of your cool music onto one iTouch), you’re going to need accessories. I had looked across the Internet for a number of accessory packages and I really couldn’t find anything that included all of the really cool stuff that I wanted. Then, I found that there was a really great accessory pack on Amazon. I found that it was a fantastic deal and I really didn’t have to worry about paying for because I had already saved up a bunch of money for what I expected to be expensive accessories.

If there’s one thing that I actually do hate about my iPod, is something that a court has nothing to do with Apple, but of course the manufacturers of the accessories. Why are they so crazy expensive? If I had not found this accessory pack, I probably would’ve been out at least a couple of hundred dollars trying to buy all of these similar items.

At any rate, I have used all of the stuff in this particular package and I’m very excited by the fact that everything seemed to be pretty high quality considering it is probably made in some slum in China. I am not sorry for saying that, because you have to remember that people in China are going through some pretty tough economic conditions.

I have to say that they definitely advanced the cable quite a bit and quite frankly I am really pleased with the quality of the leather cases that have come with the set. The plastic cases are not as good, of course, but they are almost never as good as the leather ones. Well, I guess I can see that these are real leather cases because they are probably vinyl and I could tell that they may break over the long term, but I did get this entire set for $20. I don’t know very many other set for $20 that are Apple approved, but I’m pretty sure that this one is probably not because it is so cheap.

I also the fact that there is a couple of cords that enable you to plug into either your car or a simple electric socket. I don’t think it is that grows on trees, but it is pretty fantastic.

I of course have a complaint because I always have a complaint about something, but the headphones that come with it are of course complete and utter junk. That has been one of the negatives of the iPod system for some time, and I really hope that at some point they team up with somebody like Bose or Sennheiser, companies that really understand what they’re doing when it comes to audio quality.

A guy can dream, can’t he?

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Apple Decline? Never.

I know the kind of person who reads a lot of business writing. I think it is because business writers are typically just negative people who are trying to bring down established champions. I am of course talking about Apple, and I am of course talking about people who are saying that they are destined for fall.

There is certainly a reason why I never go to CNN, and that is probably because they spread false information that somehow Apple is going to shrink and no longer be a successful company. Do you think that the iPad doesn’t have some kind of follow-up product? Do you think that Apple designers are sitting around doing nothing while they are collecting their checks?

If you do think that this is the case, you are complete and total fool that knows nothing about Apple or the company. I do recognize that it is possible that sales growth can continue Apple forever, but the fact is that innovation will. This is a company that has been denied it’s true majesty for tens of years now and has always come out on top.

Apple makes devices that people simply cannot live without. If you believe that this is not the case, you do not know what is going on in the world today. Apple is king and will always be king and whenever people look at this part of the century and the design aspects that created all of our environment, people will look  to Apple as a champion of modern design far more than they would IKEA, as an example.

Getting Mad

I and a pretty calm person overall but I am getting sick and tired of all of these people slamming Apple computer on a day-to-day basis. I really hate them all. They need to realize that this company is here to stay and if you invested in their stock a mere 10 years ago, you would have made millions of dollars. I only wish that I had money for that stock at the time, but of course I was working at a convenience store and that was unfortunate. But now that I have a reasonable job where I am programming computers, I feel like I finally owe myself alot.

I only to Apple to shout in the streets just how important they are as a company and as a cult. I am not saying that I and any kind of cult leader, but I will say that I enjoy everything that this company creates. So shame on the media for trying to bring this company down. But shame on them for thinking that this will ever happen, as well.

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Repairing Your iPod Part 1

Hard drive repair can as well be done to a broken IPod. Mostly when they have a problem, it is so easy to identify it. This occurs with the spinning hence producing a sound that makes identification so fast. To repair this problem it requires no advanced or technical equipment. You require charging the IPod to ensure it is fully charged, and closely hold it to your ear and through listening, you hear the clicking sound. While the sounds go on open the palms of your hands, and slide it open and exert some pressure on the slender side of the IPod.

This will ensure that the IPod firmware is aligned back to its original position. This should be continued to a minimum of 5 to 10 times moderating the pressure not to be intense and cause more damages. While doing this the IPod need also to be tried turning it on. If results are positive then you must format the IPod to make any damaged sectors within the hard drive while undergoing the smacking process. This method works out well and in any case, you need to open and have it repaired internally, then this will ensure a qualified and well skilled service man to handle that. For example for the IPod there are a lot of software applications available for repairing them with clearly outlined guidelines and procedures to follow up.

I note that this whole process sounds very simplistic and very much unlike a much more complicated process like Mac hard drive recovery, but it is very effective for the device. I think you would be surprised at just how effective this is when you are looking at an iPod that has a failing hard drive. I know that trying this out is something that scares a lot of people because they are truly afraid of losing all of their music, but they probably should not fear this. This is the best way to get it all back, I am telling you.


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IPod History Has Just Begun

I will be trying to use this site to really go over the history of the iPod and how effective it is as a media device. I hope that I don’t get too stuffy here, but I think there are a lot of sociological things that we have to look at when it comes to the iPod. This device is practically legendary, and although Apple continued to put out a brand-new devices on an almost daily basis, people still love their iPods unlike any media player that has ever existed. I am not saying that the category of media player is particularly new, because we all know that it is something that was practically invented by Apple.

But, and it continues to be the case some years on, the iPod changed the dynamic with which we deal with music. It unfortunately commoditized music, for some, but on the other hand made available to so many others who previously would not have had the ability to have the music that they do. Who would’ve guessed that it would be possible to have thousands upon thousands of songs on one incredibly portable device? I certainly can’t say that there were a lot of people who expected that this would be the case, but it is funny how this is basically the device that created the rise of Apple.

It wasn’t any kind of computer innovation, it wasn’t the MacBook or any of the old iMacs that made Apple the behemoth that it is right now; no, it was a geeky little device that plays music and can hold movies if you like. You have to admit that this is something that not a lot of people even thought about having about 20 years ago, but now we have it all. And it is available on one tiny device.

The discussions will be long, and the discussions will be fresh, but they will focus around what is by far the best media device ever created in the history of man.

People: I give you the iPod. It is not a new device, but I am willing to bet that it will continue to be a force for music and movies for the rest of this century.

Until they create a device that is surgically installed, the iPod will remain the external music device of choice.


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