Ice T’s Mac Repair Shop

I found it very funny when I was looking to find out how I could repair my MacBook and I ran across a video featuring IT, who used to be on that great television show Homicide: Life On The Streets, andĀ  I’m told also was a rapper in the 80s. I never really got into rap because I found it to be a little bit aggressive for me. I tend to be somebody who would enjoy pop music in its cleanest sense. At the time I was probably listening to a lot of Ace of Base, which is of course one of my favorites. It still is one of those bands that whenever it comes on my iPod shuffle I am very happy.

I was wondering recently just how many models of iPod that I actually have in my collection and I realized that is a lot more than I would have thought. I still have an iPod mini from back in the days and it still functions 100% correctly. My brother had an iPod mini and he broke it very quickly at the time, and I said to him at the time that he is a fool and that he will want to keep that device in good condition. Of course, I think he ran over it with his skateboard which was a ridiculous thing for him to do because now I have a device and he doesn’t. I still use my devices on different days just depending on my mood.

The rope company called, Ice T, they want their gigantic chain back.Anyway, I started looking into this Ice-T character little bit because I thought his MacBook repair video was pretty funny, actually. It turns out he did a lot of swearing in the 1980s and had a lot of medium level hitsĀ  if you are a person who is into hip-hop music.

I know that it had probably been a long time since he is actually been successful in the music world, and I think this is because when you take a look at this photograph of him, you realize that the fashion at the time was absolutely hideous.

I don’t even really have to say very much about a large gold chain that features a large gold gun hanging around his neck. I imagine that if it was any heavier it probably would snap his head right off. Plus, that leather jacket is absolutely horrendous and should not be worn by any human being with any form of personal taste.

But, I do remember these and the 90s and they were pretty spectacular times for me. I remember also that I was using a lot of Apple products at the time and was first introduced to some of the models of computers that they had around that era. Those are great machines, even though Apple was having a difficult time succeeding.

My how times have changed for everyone, and I am not only saying this about me, but clearly about Apple Computer and about this particular gentleman Ice-T.

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