Repairing Your iPod Part 1

Hard drive repair can as well be done to a broken IPod. Mostly when they have a problem, it is so easy to identify it. This occurs with the spinning hence producing a sound that makes identification so fast. To repair this problem it requires no advanced or technical equipment. You require charging the IPod to ensure it is fully charged, and closely hold it to your ear and through listening, you hear the clicking sound. While the sounds go on open the palms of your hands, and slide it open and exert some pressure on the slender side of the IPod.

This will ensure that the IPod firmware is aligned back to its original position. This should be continued to a minimum of 5 to 10 times moderating the pressure not to be intense and cause more damages. While doing this the IPod need also to be tried turning it on. If results are positive then you must format the IPod to make any damaged sectors within the hard drive while undergoing the smacking process. This method works out well and in any case, you need to open and have it repaired internally, then this will ensure a qualified and well skilled service man to handle that. For example for the IPod there are a lot of software applications available for repairing them with clearly outlined guidelines and procedures to follow up.

I note that this whole process sounds very simplistic and very much unlike a much more complicated process like Mac hard drive recovery, but it is very effective for the device. I think you would be surprised at just how effective this is when you are looking at an iPod that has a failing hard drive. I know that trying this out is something that scares a lot of people because they are truly afraid of losing all of their music, but they probably should not fear this. This is the best way to get it all back, I am telling you.


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One comment on “Repairing Your iPod Part 1

  1. Marcus on said:

    I’ve got the same problem as you and I back up mine so that the music in it will remain even after I restore it. After you restore, there will be 2 selection for you 1 is to set it as if it’s new and the 2nd will be restoring it with the backup you’ve.By the way, I restored it for 3 times only it works. =( So keep restoring until it works.

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