5 Investment Options for Millennials Before Greeting in their 30s. All for the Future!

5 Investment Options for Millennials Before Greeting in their 30s. All for the Future!
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Preparing for the future is an important thing that must be on your list. The intended future is education according to ability, job stability, to financial stability.

There are many ways you can do to prepare these needs for the future. One of them is investing. This investment has various forms and types. You can choose an investment that suits your needs and abilities.

Home Investment

This property investment form you can do with sufficient income in accordance with the value of his house.

It does not have to always be a luxury home. A simple house can be your investment for the future. With a house investment, you can rent a house. Calculate it as your additional income besides salary.

The results obtained can be to repay the house and you can save the rest. You can also occupy it first or be used as a shelter. Pretty useful huh?

Land Investment

Land is an investment that is relatively expensive. Although home investment is also expensive, land investment without a building on it is also quite rising and sought after. Its value is also increasing year by year.

Land is sought after and dared to be paid handsomely if its location is strategic and easily accessible by both private and public vehicles.

The value is certainly higher compared to land far from the city. That is why land prices are higher in cities than in the suburbs.

Gold Investment

Gold is one of the most sought after metals for making jewelry such as watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

But did you know that gold can also be invested in the form of gold bars? There are so many who provide gold investment services. Look for the trusted one. When the time is right, this gold investment will be very profitable for you.

Try to learn first the risks and benefits.

Apartment Investment

Now this investment is well-known among millenials and non-millenials. Apartment much sought for rent as a boarding house, or permanent residence.

Nowadays many young people own an apartment to rent to others. Similar to home investment, but more exclusive because it is equipped with adequate security facilities.

Equipped with its own kitchen so it makes it easier for people who rent to save on food costs.

Investment Deposits

This investment can be for the long term. Depending on what you will use this investment later.

Able to save education, savings raising children, to old age savings by depositing money into an account within a certain period.

Opening a deposit account also helps you to learn to save along with the usual returns in the form of deposit interest. Quite flexible and can be stretched according to your wishes. Of course, with each risk.

Study carefully before deciding to choose a product from the deposit. Indeed the curve is up and down, but the risk is smaller compared to stock investment.