8 Tips to Overcome Pressure of First Day at Work

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Taking on a new job usually is an exciting feeling, especially for recent graduates. Often, the first day at the new job poses to be challenging and uneasy for most persons. The tension built up by the unknown of a new career causes a certain level of anxiety. Regardless of this not being your first job, starting a new one has a scary feeling attached to it.

 New jobs come with new faces, new working team dynamics, a new environment, and the job role’s mystery. It is fair to state that the unknown feels a little frightening. However, if you consistently feel that way when resuming a new job or you are afraid of what to expect, here are some free tips to help you overcome your first day at work pressure.

Be on Time

The first day at a new job sometimes comes with nervousness and frightening scares. The best first working days are great when you have the right amount of confidence coupled with the appropriate knowledge. Having a wristwatch with you will help you monitor your dealings at the new job. You can purchase work-style wristwatches from online stores like Abbott Lyon. Consider checking Abbott Lyon watches reviews to know what people are saying about them and whether they offer the type of wristwatch you’re looking for.

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Don’t Try to Know Everything

No one likes a show-off know-it-all. When resuming on your first day, regardless if you are very familiar with the operations happening, try to act like you’re learning and not trying to push an agenda. Also, you shouldn’t expect to know everything once you resume. 

The biggest test your new boss had for you was your interview. Your boss sometimes expects uncertainty from you at this new stage, so do not get uptight if you do not answer somethings.

Remember Why you are There 

When the nervousness and uncertainty start to rise, try calming yourself and keeping a focused mind by reminding yourself why you are working with this brand. Re-read the job description in its entirety as a reminder of your reason for being there. With this method, you get to have a purpose-driven career path, which is by far better than the current circumstance.


Do not Try to Over Impress 

On the journey to catch the manager’s attention, avoid doing certain things that are overly unnecessary. Over impressing makes you look desperate, which doesn’t work well for your long stay at your new job. Try to ask questions and feel normal about some work-related activities.

Remember this is A Phase

New unknown things can be scary, making it a natural occurrence to feel nervous and anxious about starting a new job. If your fear becomes too much, remember that this is just a phase that will pass over as you cannot remain a new intake forever. 

Be at Your Best Behaviour 

Although this tip works in all aspects of life, being on your best behaviour tells a lot about your working conditions at your new job in the long run. So, if you see or experience some nasty stuff on your first day, try to ignore it to avoid doing things you might regret. Go early to work, work hard, avoid excessively using your phone during work hours, and cooperate with your fellow workers.

Write Everything Down

The importance of writing things down cannot be overemphasized. It helps a lot in making things not seem unreliable and buggy. Whether it’s a piece of long information, passcodes, or general instructions, have a notepad or sticky note nearby for jotting down important information. If none of these is present, make use of your mobile device’s notepad.

Keep Calm

Quick reaction to things might result in you making unproductive decisions. Regardless of your work with nagging and annoying colleagues, remaining calm in intense situations allows you to make appropriate decisions, building on your credibility.