Affordable Branding Explained

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Our simple four-step process starts with a deep dive into your brand, industry and customers, and ends up with a successful, stress-free, brand launch. All rounds of amends, consultancy and all versions covered in one neat fee.


We begin with a deep dive into your brand and look at your competitors and customers, from here we can write the first page of your story.


Next up, we look at the data we’ve gathered, and plot a path for your brand, the tones and flavours that will have the greatest impact.


Now onto the fun part, our team will start to turn these ideas into brands, logos and visuals that bring everything to life.


When you’re happy the design phase is completed you’ll have a logo pack and guidelines to keep your brand in-check and on-point.

Some examples:

We turned this virtual wine tasting retailer into something bright and punchy and added more red so it’s slightly less bubblegum pink and more tonal/sophisticated/grown-up which is much more appropriate for a brand that believes in ethics, sustainability, fun, freshness etc. Plonk is now positive, upbeat and fresh.

Citipost – The UK’s largest privately-owned distribution company needed a logo that stood tall. A global brand needs a global logo, and this is exactly what we delivered. We revisited the original logotype and replaced it with a new, modern logo that retains a sense of the company’s rich heritage.

When the whole process is completed you will have a logo brand pack that contains all of your on, and offline versions of the sparkling new logo, as well as brand elements, and supporting graphics. We’ll also create Brand Guidelines documents that you can use to deliver the brand internally, and as reference for projects, you outsource. 

Market Jar will be on hand with continuing support for however you wish to deliver the brand in the future. We are a super affordable branding agency, give us a shout today!