How Outsourcing and Going Digital can Help Businesses Survive a Pandemic

How Outsourcing and Going Digital can Help Businesses Survive a Pandemic

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Entrepreneurship is a risky business. Entrepreneurs are required to constantly think on their feet. They have to expect the best, but also prepare for the worst. Well…the worst has now dawned upon us. The Coronavirus pandemic has cloaked the world in its shadow. It threatens to plunge the global economy into such an oblivion, wherein recovery would become excruciatingly impossible.

Its effects are already being felt across an array of assorted business domains. Many promising start-ups had to begrudgingly shut down their operations. More than 30 million individuals have filed for unemployment claims across the United States, while renowned economists and finance oracles are prophesying a crisis that would put even the great depression era to shame.

“The Pandemic has forced entrepreneurs and business managers to become innovative in their operations.” said Sam Uhtred, from, the company that provides a platform to send fax online.  Something they must consider if they are to survive a time as uncertain as this. Thankfully, modern entrepreneurs have been fortunate enough to be bequeathed with a world that is predominantly reliable on advanced, digital technology which is powered by the almighty omniscient World Wide Web.

Technology today allows businesses to thrive from the confines of their walls, while the virus wreaks havoc outside. Digital cloud-based tools and technology like online faxing, social media management tools, CRM, etc. ensure all crucial business information is stored, organized and shared in an effective and efficient manner

Whereas Outsourcing data entry services, digital marketing, accounting and bookkeeping companies make sure that daily operations are carried out smoothly even without having staff in the office.

Here are a few tips you can try to ensure your business operates smoothly through the coronavirus wave:

Outsource All Your Crucial Services 

Outsourcing is not a novice concept. It has gained in popularity over the last decade due to many benefits it offers to start-up and small enterprises. Keeping a full-time staff on payroll has proven to be quite expensive and draining in times where the entire economy has been forced to shut down. As such, third-party service providers engaged in providing a variety of services have come out as messiah who not only save time in getting the work done, but also cut down a business’s operation costs by almost half.

Create Content Pieces on Current Events

Apart from outsourcing, it is also important to create unique content complying with newly targeted search queries. Use some of the current hot topics trending around the world to create articles and blog posts that are engaging and informative. For e.g. consumers today are yearning to learn as much as possible about the coronavirus pandemic, make that the center of your topic. This can also be used to create newsletters that can be sent to existing customers and clients. Don’t just stop there; create a press release as well to keep the broader audiences aware of your business via the media.

Try to Engage with Your Audience on Social Media

It is very easy for customers to forget about your business in such a difficult time. It is your duty to keep them aware of your presence. Social media just so happens to be the right place to make sure this happens. With the workplace shut, most of your audience is probably spending the majority of their time online.

Take advantage of this opportunity to create posts and social media content that is designed specifically to increase user engagement. You can host an online event, conduct a webinar, or share entertaining and creative posts that can galvanize your audience to like, share, and comment on your posts.

Try Video

Visual content is consumed more frequently than its textual counterpart. Capitalize on this situation to create video content that can engage your audience. Video technology like Zoom call or Skype can also make up for your daily meetings pertaining to critical business operations.

Video fills the gap that is left behind with shut offices. It allows us to keep that personal feel alive in business meetings. There are many tools out there that ensure the smooth and effective use of visual technology for the betterment of your daily business operations.

Optimize Your Website

Websites were on their way to replacing brick and mortar shops even before a pandemic hit the world. A Website allows a business to a tangible, reliable presence without having to invest tons and tons of money on a physical office or shop.

As such, it is imperative for you to do everything in your power to optimize your website by using highly searched keywords relevant to your business. Tweak your website just enough to make it easier to navigate and more visually appealing.

Put those Digital Tools to Work

Advanced tools and technology have pretty much invaded all aspects of doing business. There are simply so many tools out that ensure that all of the marketing, finance, or logistics related functions are carried out smoothly despite the enforced lockdown.

Share information conveniently by tools that allow you to shoot crucial information, and send fax online with just one click in real-time. Use tools like Canva to create marketing content, and tools like Hootsuite to ensure efficiently push forward your marketing across multiple social media channels.

The Bottom Line 

As you can see, there is very little reason as to why your business cannot continue to operate with all the resources laid bare at your feet. Businessmen are being compelled to adapt to the above strategies, and some might even find such change unwelcoming and way too challenging to embrace.

Unless and until you are willing to risk sinking your business, resisting what is necessary is not an option. Imagine how difficult it would have been to operate a business in the absence of outsourcing companies and digital technology such as data entry services or applications to send fax online respectively. As entrepreneurs we should make the best of our blessings, and acknowledge how blessed we are for having the fortune of living in a digital world.