Man who allegedly shot and killed Goldman Sachs employee on NYC subway indicted on a charge of murder

Man who allegedly shot and killed Goldman Sachs employee on NYC subway indicted on a charge of murder

Andrew Abdullah, 25, was charged in New York State Supreme Court after allegedly shooting Daniel Enriquez, 48, in the chest while he rode the Q train into Manhattan on May 22, according to the statement.

Abdullah pleaded not guilty, according to a spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

“Daniel Enriquez’s vibrant life was brutally cut short in a flash of violence that shocked our city,” Bragg said in the statement. “My heart goes out to Mr. Enriquez’s loved ones as they continue to mourn the death of a cherished son, brother, partner, and so much more.”

The suspect in the fatal shooting of a 48-year-old man on a NYC subway was arrested two days later.

Abdullah allegedly rode the Q train on the morning of May 22 with a loaded pistol in his pocket, according to officials. The alleged gunman began to pace back and forth in the middle of the train car as it traveled on the Manhattan Bridge, on its way into Canal Street, officials said. Investigators believe Abdullah pulled out the pistol and allegedly shot Enriquez in an unprovoked attack.

Abdullah fled the train after it pulled into the station as MTA workers, riders and first responders tried to help Enriquez, according to investigators. Enriquez was taken to Bellevue Hospital, but he could not be saved, officials said. Abdullah was arrested two days later, according to the statement.

The Legal Aid Society attorney representing Abdullah said she still has not seen any evidence compiled by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

“No videos, no witness statement, no nothing,” Attorney Kristin Bruan told CNN. “And the evidence they have that exculpated my client, I also have not received.”

Abdullah’s next court appearance was set for July 13, according to a spokesperson from the Manhattan DA’s office.

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