Putin warns Russia will strike new targets if long-range missiles are supplied to Ukraine

Putin warns Russia will strike new targets if long-range missiles are supplied to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Sunday that Moscow would strike new targets if the US supplied long-range missiles to Ukraine, according to Russian state media.   

Delivering new arms to Kyiv only aims to “drag out the armed conflict for as long as possible,” Putin said in an interview to Rossiya-1 TV channel, Russian state media TASS reported.

In the case of deliveries of long-range missiles to Kyiv, Russia will draw “appropriate conclusions” and strike those “facilities” that it has not yet targeted, he said.  

“If they are supplied, we will draw appropriate conclusions from this and use our own weapons, of which we have enough, in order to strike at those facilities we are not targeting yet,” Putin said commenting on the situation regarding the supply of American multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Ukraine.  

Supplying American MLRS to Ukraine essentially does not change anything, since Kyiv had similar weapons before, including similar range missiles, so they are simply making up for their losses, Putin said, according to TASS.  

US President Joe Biden said Tuesday the US is providing Ukraine  “more advanced rocket systems and munitions” as its war with Russia grinds on.   

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