Quality Advice for Getting A Roof Replacement

Quality Advice for Getting A Roof Replacement

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Perhaps the single most important thing in your house is the roof overhead. There’s no wonder when investing in a house, one of the major concerns for many homebuyers is the state of the roof and how old it is, along with any repairs history. Whenever a roof becomes compromised, it can lead to a domino effect of other house problems, from leaking issues to mold issues, to name a few.

The first is to locate a top notch roofing contractor.  So many homeowners will try the DIY method, quite often, this leads to problems.  Unless you actually are a roofer and have the knowledge, the advice is to hire a contractor.  We can’t stress enough to do due diligence, make sure the roofer is licensed, carry enough insurance, and have positive reviews especially for roof replacements in Fort Lauderdale.

An important tip is to take off the old roof instead of just leaving it there and putting a new roof over it.  The attraction here is it can save both time and money.  The reality is repairs later become quite difficult, pricey, and complex if you leave the old roof beneath the new one.

With a large number of roof types, it is advised to use asphalt shingles.  The mixture of durability, cost, and a large variety of colors makes shingles a wise investment for many potential homeowners.  In Florida, many individuals opt for clay tile roofs, while durable there is higher costs than a shingle roof; for South Florida homeowners in the market for a new roof, be sure to reach out to Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts.

Be mindful of the season in which you want to get a new roof. Typically replacing a roof will take a handful of days, assuming the weather is decent. Depending on your location, there is a slower year for roofing. To save some costs, many roofing companies extend discounts during those seasons.