Seeking A Personal Injury Lawyer To Get Compensation For Your Fall?

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If you have fallen in public, you could be suffering from a lot of injuries. Poorly maintained walkways can cause you to stumble and hazardous conditions due to weather can make falling more likely.

Any property owners or managers have a responsibility to ensure that their property is properly maintained and free of hazards that can cause injuries. There are plenty of ways for them to prevent injuries by doing proper maintenance around the property. In the winter, they can shovel and salt walkways to keep them clear for pedestrians. If you fall because of business owner negligence, contact an attorney in Roseville, CA to seek compensation.

When are the business owners responsible for fall injuries?

Stairways – The stairs in a business are the responsibility of the owner or manager to keep maintained. Any broken steps or missing handrails can be the cause of falls which makes the owner liable for injury.

Lighting – Areas that are poorly lit can cause injuries. Property owners are responsible for keeping areas well-lit to ensure the safety of the visitors. If you have fallen due to the area being dark, you can contact a lawyer in Roseville, CA to file a claim to seek compensation for your injuries.

Hazardous Conditions – Weather can make walkways slippery which can result in many falls. Owners are responsible for keeping areas safe or leaving proper warning signs to alert pedestrians of danger. Even wet floors inside the building can cause customers to fall and it would be the owner’s negligence for not keeping the area dry or warning customers. If you have fallen due to hazardous conditions making it slippery, you can seek compensation to deal with the financial burden the injury caused you.

Anytime you are on someone else’s property, you expect to be safe to walk without issues (unless you have two left feet!) and it’s up to the business owner to keep the areas you travel well maintained. If you have fallen due to a business’s negligence, contact Roseville attorneys to help you file a claim.