Tips for carpet removal by experts

Pulling up your old carpet and disposing of it is not a kid’s job to do. It can be a tough and tedious process. However, with a little preparation beforehand will help ease the process of carpet removal. In case you have not done carpet removal before, you must be confused about where to begin from.

Why not take carpet removal tips from the experts? Have a look at the following carpet removal tips to get going:

Make some preparations

When you are planning to remove your carpet, make sure that you have to dispose of the old materials properly. See if your locality has a carpet recycling program to manage the disposed waste. If not, ask the trash hauler if he will take away your rolls of carpet.  remove any doors that open in the room where you are removing the carpet. Move all the furniture to another room to clear your work area.

Time to remove the carpet

Put on your work gloves before starting the carpet removal process. Since carpet removal is dusty work, so you must also wear a mask and 6; glasses. Here is how you can remove the carpet: Zara red,

  • Take the help of pliers to grab the carpet.
  • Pull the carpet towards you to detach it from the floor.
  • When the corner of the carpet becomes loose, you can pull it using your hands along the length of the wall.
  • After pulling a few feet of carpet, fold it over to avoid any hassle.
  • With the help of a utility knife, cut through the carpet backing.
  • Now, roll and fold the strip after securing it properly with duct tape.

Are you planning to rip off the carpet from your stairs? Follow the following steps to do so:

  • It would be best if you begin at the top of the stairs.
  • If there is a metal nosing present, pry it up. After that, cut the carpet near the top of the stair.
  • Pull the cut end of the carpet with gloved hands.

Remove carpet padding

Just like you removed the carpet, you have to remove the carpet padding in sections. You must always replace the padding, even if you feel it is in good shape.

Mostly the carpet padding is installed onto the plywood with the help of hundreds of staples. Sometimes, the padding becomes loose when you rip off the carpet, but mostly it remains stuck on the floor.

Now that you have successfully pulled out your carpet, it is the best time to look for any loose subfloor panels before installing a new carpet. Fix all the problems that you find in the subfloor panels.

And, one important thing to keep in mind is that whenever you are ordering a new carpet, do not guesstimate. Do a proper calculation to know exactly how much carpet you will need for your home.

Happy carpet removal to you.