Top 3 US Businesses Model Required In Europe

Top 3 US Businesses Model Required In Europe

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The United States has a huge effect on the international community, and its commodities are inescapable.

Most individuals outside the United States are significantly more acquainted with America and its social landscape than Americans are on their own, from Motion pictures to entertainment to cuisine.

Because of the English, the customs of countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland are similar to those of the United States.

However, each European country has its particular management style that can differ dramatically from each other.

You may prevent basic errors that might sabotage your best-laid intentions to expand your firm in Europe by recognizing the contrasts between American and European business culture. has a good list of business administration companies in the UK and their reviews that you might want to check out for business management aid.

With this said, let us take a look at some of the business models implemented in the US that can come in handy for organizations based in Europe.

1.  On-Demand business model.

Since more businesses in the United States are embracing this approach, it has risen in popularity.

The on-demand strategy, as its name suggests, focuses on supplying products and services instantaneously.

That is, as a client, all you have to do is use your device to make the purchase for a particular product and wait for it to arrive.

Many claim that its growing popularity is related to the fact that it is well-suited to the fast-paced culture that we have all been accustomed to.

We live in a world where we anticipate rapid pleasure as a result of technological advancements.

In reality, technology is regarded as its biggest and most important rotor, as it acts as one of the pre-conditions for value and efficiency.

Companies in Europe are slowly adopting this business strategy, but it will result in a significant increase in sales and profit if completely implemented.

Customers who are satisfied merely signify that they will place repeat orders.

Businesses and consumers alike will benefit from the on-demand concept.

It’s particularly well suited to platform firms that use pre-existing technology to address an issue.

Fast food restaurants and apparel online stores are examples of this.

2.  Customization Model.

The customizing trend is dominated by the fashion sector.

This corresponds to a customer trend toward more personalized items that match individual preferences.

This is why Coke’s bottle label now includes names.

Automobile manufacturers also provide automobiles in any color you like, and large merchants such as Nike enable you to customize your personalized footwear.

In the garment industry, custom-tailoring is already on the upswing, and organizations like Indochino have seized market share by fixing this issue of men’s suits.

The solutions make it easy to select the sizes, colors, designs, and price range that you desire.

This is perfect because it eliminates the inconvenience of driving to a tailor and instead arrives right at your doorstep.

By bringing technologies that were traditionally significantly more expensive to the masses, 3D printers have spawned a slew of mass customization firms.

This concept is proving to be profitable for American businesses and should be adopted by European businesses.

3.  Subscription Model.

Mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular, and customers are preferring a more straightforward buying experience.

These changes are resulting in a surge in subscription-based solutions that are simple to sign up for users.

They don’t have to fret because they know they’ll get their goods or services every month.

Dollar Shave Club is another one of those easy subscription businesses that have provided a platform for men to save money by not having to worry about running out of razors.

Add some companies advertising their products with zany, well-messaged ads featuring amusing spokespeople, and you have a business model that European companies should fully adopt for better sales and profits.


Adopting American business concepts in Europe shouldn’t be intimidating, but it should be approached with an unbiased view and an eagerness to learn.

While the majority of European expertise and experience will transfer, some items will undoubtedly surprise you.

This would almost definitely necessitate alterations in order to appeal to the various nationalities and cultural groups.

By adopting this general guidance, businesses put themselves in the best position to succeed while avoiding the most typical pitfalls that plague European firms.

As a result, the task for Europeans is to benefit from America’s innovation and entrepreneurship.

True, America’s business objectives are inextricably linked to the nation’s achievements and heritage.