What Are The Reasons To Choose Metal Roofing In Florida

What Are The Reasons To Choose Metal Roofing In Florida

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Due to a slew of benefits, metal roofing is rapidly becoming the norm with Floridian homeowners. Within the past decade alone, the metal roofing industry has more than tripled! Metal roofs offer 50+ year lifespans, superb wind resistance, low maintenance and are resistant to fire.

While there are many reasons more people are selecting metal roofing, a big one is that homeowners in Florida are living in their homes much longer. As more people choose to stay in their homes for longer, the benefit of a low maintenance roof with such durability becomes quite appealing.

The greater upfront cost of a metal roof replacement is the only actual drawback, that and the inability to perfectly color match if needed to make repairs. Metal roofs being as strong as they are, seldomly need repairs, so the color matching obstacle is never an issue most people deal with.

Long Lifespan

Relating to the previous point that of homeowners not moving as much in Florida, it is smart to invest in a roof replacement that can last forever.  With a metal roof, the lifespan of the roof is anywhere between 40-70 years, depending mostly on how well maintained the roof is kept.


There is no bigger selling point for Floridians, the extreme wind resistance of a metal roof is second to none, in a part of the U.S. notorious for roof destroying hurricanes this provides some peace of mind to homeowners. A properly installed metal roof can endure the largest of hurricanes this planet has to offer.

Modern Appeal

New designs in metal roofing on many properties look quite alluring, with a deep departure from the antiquated metal sheds many people imagine when metal roofing is mentioned. Boasting a large variety in both colors and designs, metal roofing instantly increases a home’s curb appeal.

Increase Home Value

A benefit to installing a metal roof besides durability and curb appeal is that a freshly installed metal roof will increase the value of the house. Would-be buyers will understand the benefit of buying a property in which they could never need to replace the roof.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Throughout the insanely humid summer months, the air conditioning unit in any Florida property is working overtime, often resulting in elevated FPL bills. What many don’t understand is that this can be in part to blame on the roof, with many roofs being asphalt and asphalt doing a poor job of reflecting heat, it makes an AC work more than it should. If an asphalt roof is a problem for the AC, a metal roof is it’s best friend.  Metal roofing reflects sunlight, and with ease, will release any heat absorbed, resulting in a big savings of money for the homeowner.

Eco Friendly

For homeowners mindful of our beautiful planet, you’ll be pleased to find out that a metal roof is 100{3b930a6ca12a59604e1bbadfc55b7d1b7a0aa8613f1ab9377cace0d5afcb5fb9} recyclable. As opposed to an asphalt roof, of which all of it goes right into a landfill.

Fire Resistant

You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your metal roof is fire resistant. Metal roofs can endure lightning strikes and wildfire and still not catch on fire.

Lower Insurance Premiums

You should save extra cash every month by simply informing the insurance company that you reroofed with metal. Since metal roofs can last close to a century, the insurance companies know they will never be installing a new roof on your house.

In addition to all the pros mentioned above, the maintenance of metal roofing is quite low. Deciding which roofing material to select for new roof installation is a large decision that should be reached after getting all the information. The purpose of this entry was to highlight the benefits of metal roofing in Boynton Beach, Florida.